B 174674

(reddish folder): searches in records offices at Norfolk, Durham, Warwick and Guildhall Library including extracts from church wardens accounts

(blue folder): extracts from the 80 vols of Betham will abstracts in National Archives Dublin BET 1, 9, 10, 16; notes of pre-1700 wills and the surviving Prerogative will books 1664–1684 and 1706–1708

BET X|vol. 20 seems to be miscellaneous collection of general abstracts surnames Blunt|Sacheverall

(blue folder): research notes on cards and A4 sheets covering MSS in Royal Irish Academy and the Genealogical Office (funeral entries vols 1–16, 1630s)

(reddish folder): Armagh Public Library xerox copy of catalogue (43 pp). Titles include:

Reflections and resolutions for the gentlemen of Ireland as landlords, as Protestants etc published Dublin 1816 (87 pp)

Red exercise book with notes on Armagh Episcopal lands, conditions of land grants to Bishops

Approx. 10 pp MS notes of MSS in Armagh Public Library [C of I]

(blue folder): Rich papers National Library of Ireland MS 8013 and then 8014 plus photocopy of MS

Photocopies and research notes on cards, also bundle of cards with notes of Strafford letters

Xeroxes (4 pp) of PRO|30|15|183 listing names of approx. 100 tenants on Brownlow estate giving occupations, location of house and acreages Lurgan, Co. Armagh

(green folder): list of testators A–Y extracted by Gertrude Thrift from catalogue of Derry and Raphoe wills c.1623–c.1700; approx. 220 testators Coleraine and Limavady, Co. Londonderry and Castlefin, Co. Donegal

(fawn folder [bulky]): including some 40 pp of MS notes on talks given in 1974; includes a letter of complaint from a local antiquarian Wilson Guy of Fintona, Co. Tyrone written in 1910 deploring the fact that stones from Castle Mervyn in Trillick were being used in the construction of labourers cottages

Xeroxes of the Earl of Castlehaven’s memoirs published Dublin 1815 (32 pp)

(blue folder): church visitations Armagh diocese 1634; typed list with annotations

Also notes extracted from documents in the National Archives (PROI RC 15| and PRONI T|975|2 pp 1–9)

(fawn folder): approx. 50 pp MS notes of Ferguson MSS in National Archives Dublin re Ulster Plantation vols 9, 11–13 and 26 50 pp A4 and notes on approx. 20 cards

(red folder): ‘Inns of Court Oxford and Cambridge’ pen and ink notes (17 pp A4), guides and lists in National Archives London

Exchequer depositions (E|134) in National Archives London; Bernan’s personal name index to the collection held in the Society of Genealogists London may be incomplete

Society of Antiquaries, Merrion Square, Dublin, holds several volumes of pedigrees for the Hore MSS, Ball and Bell MSS

National Archives Dublin sections including Landed Estates Court printed rentals and particulars of sale 1850–1885, records of Royal Hospital Kilmainham 1684–1929

Sick and Indigent Roomkeepers Association 1790–

Protestant Orphan Society 1828–

Rotunda Hospital Records c.1790–

M|4857 40 notebooks of Rev. H.B. Swanzy

National Archives also has Drury MSS (no reference) including volume some wills:

pp 1–3 will of Charles Vallency

pp 55–59 will of William Crones 1627

p 85 extract of will of Sir Geoffrey Fenton 1608

p 86 will of John Fenton, Co. Wicklow 1637

National Library has some 150 reels of microfilm copies of State Papers Ireland in the National Archives London SP 63 NLI

MS 15536 copy will Richard Wadding, Waterford 1626

John Ainsworth published abstracts of 17th century Irish wills in Canterbury in the journal of the Royal Society Antiquaries of Ireland 1948 vol. LXXB111 pp 24–37

Calendar of High Court of Admiralty Examinations 1637–8 (published in NY and London 1932): includes some information on trade from the port of Derry

(green folder): Clogher Barony [            ] of grant to Sir Thomas Ridgeway knight May 1611, 14 pp

Aghamoyles alias Favour Royal new name acknowledging King James I’s grant to Sir James Erskine

(reddish folder): Co. Cavan including photograph of Palladian mansion of Coote of Bellamont

[Approx. 20 pp xeroxes of extracts book on Mervyn family by Sir William Drake published London 1873 ?]