B 174672

[fawn folder] Xerox of PRONI guide to Irish society and London company records held (approx. 75 pp)

Xerox of survey of the Manor of Orwel estate, Co. Donegal, probably of Sir E[dmund Samuel Hayes]. This is a substantial survey of 65 pp. The original is held in the National Archives Dublin reference 1057

Photocopy of Crown rental for Cos. Armagh and Cavan c.1620 TCD MS E.3.7 ff 300–312

[pink folder] ‘Dublin City Archives’ (now based at the Pearse Street Library)

Some 30 pp of handwritten notes of extracts from the Staple books 1597–c.1630 and some 18 pp of notes of the Staple accounts 1541–1613

Xerox copy of an article in the Dublin Historical Record vol. II no. 3 (1940) entitled ‘lesser-known documents in the city muniment room of Dublin’

[blue folder] ‘TCD Accounts’

There are 8 pp of xerox copies of accounts 1613–1641 and some 50 pp of handwritten notes of MS in the TCD archives

References include: MUN|P|7|2 & MUN|P|7|31, 34

There seems to be a full transcript of the manuscript for which the reference is M|P|7 2–49 (in disorder)

[green folder] ‘Corporation of London RO’

Includes a handwritten transcript of a survey of Londonderry 1697 including names of residents and the terms of their leases. This is a transcript of a manuscript held in the National Archives London for which the reference is CO|388|85|A15

Some 50 pp of handwritten transcripts of the Irish Society’s ‘Great Parchment Book’ 1639

Correspondence with the staff of the Corporation of London RO c.1978–96

[orange folder] ‘Lambeth Palace Library’

Extracts from catalogue and transcript of Carew Survey of Ulster 1611 (Carew MS 613)

Also notes of Carew MSS 607, 625, 629; handwritten notes on cards and sheets (12 pp)

[blue folder] ‘Sheffield’ City Libraries, Department of Local History and Archives (custodians of the Strafford papers)

Xerox copy of the MS entitled:

‘The state of the Romish Ecclesiastics about Dublin, their present controversies September 1633 stating differences between the seculars and the Regulars’ 3pp

[green folder] ‘St Columb’s Cathedral Derry’

Typed transcript of a manuscript at the British Library (E 571|33) entitled ‘A True Relation of the Transactions between Sir Charles Coote Knight Lord President of Connaught and Owen Roe O’Neal as reported to Parliament 1649’ (16 pp double spacing typescript)

Typed list of ordnance, arms and ammunition remaining in the stores of Londonderry and Kilmore (1684 pp)

Xerox copy of Derry Cathedral’s publication A Book of the Bells … the story of the Bells 1614–1929 published Londonderry 1929 with list of donors and subscribers

Typed extract (very full) of Prerogative will of Dame Anne Cooke of Dungiven, Co. Londonderry, widow of Sir Francis Cooke Knight will 5/1/1679|1680; buried in the C of I parish church of Coleraine

[pink folder] ‘Translations of Inquisitions [Post Mortem] Co. Antrim James I c.1610–c.1632’; copy of a translation given to R.J.H. by an M.A. student in 1981. She had got it from P[hilip] Robinson ‘who had procured the translation to be made’ (31 pp single spacing)

White envelope containing xerox copy of a publication listing books published c.1400–1700

[fawn folder] ‘R.J.H’s notes from lectures; speakers whose lectures he summarised included Philip Robinson, Nick Brannon (then of Historic Monuments), Stephen Ellis (U.C.G.), [Rev.] Brendan Bradshaw, J.S. Morrill, K. McCavitt, Hiram Morgan

Typescript of article by T.C. Barnard entitled ‘Ideas and Images of Ireland and the Making of English Policy 1642–1660’

Typescript of Mr A. MacInnes, Department of Scottish History, University of Glasgow entitled ‘Political Disruption and Social Change Within Scottish Gaeldom’

[orange folder] ‘Derry Diocese 1622 Visitation’

Xerox copies of the edition published in the Ulster Journal of Archaeology 1890s. This edition is entitled ‘The Estate of the Diocese of Derry’ compiled by Dr George Downham Bishop 1616–1634

The original manuscript is held in TCD and the reference seems to be MS E. 3.6 pp 188–209 etc.

Envelope containing xerox copy of the published list of members of Glasgow University c.1590–1726 (121 pp)

[orange folder] ‘Tudor and Stuart Proclamations: Ireland’ 1485–1714 (Oxford 1910)

Vol. II covers Scotland and Ireland. Xerox copies and R.J.H’s notes on 4 cards

[blue folder] ‘Co. Meath’

John Gilbert’s edition of the register of the Abbey of St Thomas Dublin published by the Stationery Office London 1889.  Xeroxes for pp 1–72 and 222–281 and 4 pp of handwritten notes

[pink folder]

Containing xerox copies of Edward T. Martin’s edition of the Ash MSS published in Belfast 1890 by Henry Tyler JP of Limavady for private circulation

The published version of the Ash MSS runs to 78 pp includes transcript of the will of George Tyler of Newtownlimavady merchant 10 May 1793 pp 57–59

pp 59–60 will of George Huey [ ?]/6/1800

pp 60–61 will of Elizabeth Hewey Waterside [Clondermot] in the Liberties of Londonderry widow [2?]5/10/1810

pp 61–62 Will of Mrs Martha Moor widow Ballymoney Co. Antrim 14/6/1813

Xerox copy of Canon John Grainger’s A Table of Some Descendants of Hugh Edwards who died A.D. 1672 published in 1881

Envelope containing a ‘treatise’ concerning the wolf in Ireland published in Dublin 1641 (16 pp)

Envelope ‘Monaghan Assizes April 1617’ containing xerox copy of a MS in the Huntington Library, California (7 pp)

[orange folder] ‘Sir William Alexander’ approx. 15 pp handwritten notes

Extracts from MS in the Berkshire Record Office PRO London concerning voyages of ships particularly one sent to Kircudbright in 1622

[orange folder] ‘Landed Estates Court’ approx. 20 pp of notes for Landed Estate Court collections held in the National Library and National Archives

Use is made of Sir John Ainsworth’s reports on manuscripts in private keeping (when he was a surveyor for the Irish Manuscripts Commission)