B 174670

6 folders entitled ‘Derry’ [2 pink, 2 blue, 1 yellow, 1 fawn]

[pink folder]

Summonister rolls Co. Londonderry PRONI reference T|808|15690

Xerox copy of Tenison Groves notes. See also box B 174673

Xerox copy of extracts c.1611–1624; some handwritten notes including entries up to 1871.

Xerox of House of Commons publication ‘Papers relating to Derry Cathedral’ 1824 (15 pp)

Report on rescue archaeology in Londonderry by Brian Lacy; excavations 1976–1979. Also 4 page off print from Archaeology News (pp 51–54)

[pink folder] Derry: talk and illustrations (6)

[blue folder] ‘Derry’

Typescript of article entitled ‘The Development of Derry from c. 600 to 1600’ (approx. 30 pp with 87 footnotes and 5 illustrations)

Xerox of typescript of Hearth Money Roll for the city of Londonderry, Coleraine and adjoining baronies (4 pp) 1660’s

Handwritten notes including some extracts from Will Ferguson’s: notes on Londonderry maps, plans and views

Xerox copy of pp 413–414 from Anthologia Hibernica for June 1793. Contains an extract from the papers of Sir Henry Butler of Ormond family delivered at the quarter sessions at Londonderry 1655

Pen and ink extracts (1 page) on Captain Henry Finch’s account of the 20 week siege of Co. Londonderry published in London 1649 (14 pp). Magee MS 51

Typed transcript (1 ½ pp) of part of Molyneux journal kept on journey to the north of Ireland 7/8/1708. Description of Londonderry

Note (1 page) of St Colmcille lecture on Iona June 1984

[blue folder]

University refill pad with some 40 pp handwritten notes on occupations in 17th century Derry

Annotated copy of a transcript from Londonderry Corporation Public Library book number 35185 (approx. 20 pp) with details of houses in Derry c.1603–c.1901 compiled by A.O. Thomas 17 April 2003.

Letter from Dr C. Stephen Briggs concerning identity of a Welshman named Edward Lhuyd buried in graveyard ‘of the old church in Londonderry’. The deceased was described as ‘the Welsh Renaissance Polymath’.

There is also part of typescript concerning a McCombe gravestone with the annotation by R.J.H. ‘photocopy by me from St Augustine’s leaflet about the church’.

A note by R.J.H. entitled “Derry: the character of the site of the plantation town: theatre site (1 page)

Photocopy of map of the Beechhill estate, Clondermot surveyed by Robert Porter 1823

[faded yellow folder]

R.J.H.’s notes for lectures, including talks at ‘Lunchtime talks’ series Derry 7/12/1983

Also notes of searches in collections in PRONI including D654 (Lord Londonderry); D|835 Crow’s maps of Inishowen c.1770 (Donegall estate)

Notes from ‘description book of Quarterlands or Upper Liberties of Londonderry in 1828’ (Corporation of London Record Office)

[fawn folder]

Notes for talk on Derry as a cultural centre 7 April 1999 1p

Extract from Milligan notebook on topography of the city of Londonderry Magee MS 447

Handwritten essay on windmills in Derry city and also an essay on St Columb’s Hall, Orchard Street, Derry by Marie Larmour

Tabulation of Derry churches 1800–1900

Letter from Eddie [McParland], Trinity College, Dublin concerning buildings 1987

[pink folder] ‘Co. Donegal’ including copy of typed catalogue of collection of documents in PRONI purchased from John A. Gamble, ref. D.2147

Papers of the Stewart family of Fortstewart, Co. Donegal, c.1740–c.1909

Typescript of essay by Catherine Simms entitled ‘Late Medieval Donegal’ (9 pp) probably published in Geography Publications essay volume on Co. Donegal

Extracts from Fiants & Calendar of Patent Rolls James I

Lodge MSS Donegal Archaeological Survey 9 pp handwritten

[fawn folder] ‘Inishowen’

Xerox copy of typed transcript of Hearth Money Roll for Co. Donegal by Tenison Groves (probably from PRONI)

Gravestone inscriptions with maps showing locations for St Mura’s old graveyard (Church of Ireland)

[fawn folder] ‘Co. Donegal’ (approx. 50 pp)

Copies of pages from printed sources such as ‘Three Hundred Years in Inishowen … family of Young of Culdaff …’ (Belfast 1929)

[fawn folder] ‘Buncrana’

Containing postcard c.1906 showing the main street with photographs of buildings said to be erected to accommodate soldiers during the 1798 Rebellion.

[pink folder] ‘Skipton’

Typescript (40 pp approx.) of account written by Rev. Alexander Skipton (1713–1793), rector of Bovevagh along with a copy of the original MS

Large number of IGI searches for Young with handwritten annotations and comment

[pink folder]

Typed account of the Cary family of Inishowen by Lionel Stevenson (14 pp single spacing)

Also typescript with tabular pedigrees compiled by Paul Hitchings (approx. 50 pp) [including ] Cary families of Red Castle, Co. Donegal, and Dungiven, Co. Londonderry

Xerox copy of Captain Henry Finch’s account of the 20 weeks of siege of Co. Londonderry published in London in 1649 (14 pp)

Copies of notes on O’Cahan deeds by Kenneth Nicholls of University College, Cork, and on the Curraghmore MSS held by the Marquis of Waterford

[blue folder] ‘Londonderry Plantation’

Copies of maps including of map of the estate of the Goldsmith’s Company, London, taken from the original at Goldsmith’s Hall

Photocopies of Raven maps and Pynnar’s survey of Londonderry, 1618–19

Envelope containing of surveys of records of the Irish estate of the Grocer’s Company held at the Grocer’s Hall

Typed report on test excavations at Movanagher, Kilrea parish c.1980 (5 pp)

[ folder] entitled Co. L’derry: Pre Plantation

Approx. 8 pp of notes concerning Donal O’Cahan the last Chieftain of O’Cahan’s country who was pardoned in 1602

Dermot O’Devlin’s edition of the Hearth Money roll for the city and county of Londonderry 1663.  Place of publication not specified but the page references are pp 41–91

Full transcript with index and footnotes [in] Gaelic – occasionally in English ‘The Brallaghans are very numerous here at present under the anglicised disguise of Bradley.  They have many burial places in Maghera old graveyard where the name appears as Brullaghan and O’Brollaghan on the old headstones and Bradley on the more modern ones’ (footnote 14)

Xerox copy of the Londonderry Borough Council archive deposited in PRONI (LA79)

Xerox copy of extract from State Papers Ireland PRO London ref. SP63|259 statement of account in Latin

Copy of map in the archives of St Augustine’s Church Londonderry. The survey was made in 1738 by Archibald Stewart and the copy made by R. Brassington in 1811

[Green folder] ‘Derry Trade’ [ ]7 pp of handwritten notes including a list of merchants trading from Chester to Lough Foyle 1602–1603 and Bristol trade with Derry 1601 – c.1651

[blue folder] ‘Derry Townsmen’ including rent roll of Derry 1628 (5 pp)

Xeroxes of printed version with annotations

[blue folder] ‘Thomas Raven’s Maps and Plans Londonderry Plantation (photocopies)

Plantation: projects and group applications approx. 5 pp handwritten

[orange folder] ‘Derry the City and the Rising’ of 1641 includes a pencil transcript of a document in the Egerton MSS British Library London ref. MS 1048 f. 20 entitled ‘An Ordnance made by both Houses of Parliament Instituting the Governors of the Forces in the city and county of Londonderry 1 May 1643’ (1 page)