B 174668

Pink folder ‘English undertakers, Co. Fermanagh’

IGI searches for surnames including Barton, Bogas|Boggis, Calvert, Flowerdew and Sedbrough

Yellow folder containing copies of Henry Blackwood Archdale’s memoir of the Archdale family published Enniskillen 1925 and Bertram Francis Barton’s history of the family of Barton published Dublin 1902

Green folder with a copy of Rev. Paul Walsh’s very critical review of Trimble’s 3 volume history of Enniskillen publication. His 3 articles were published in the Irish Ecclesiastical Record

(orange folder) ‘Genealogy of the Earls of Erne’ published privately Edinburgh 1910

Blue folder including a xerox copy of Belmore’s Parliamentary memoir of Fermanagh and Tyrone 368 pp with 30 pages of MS notes

Brown|green folder includes notes of Armagh and Cavan inquisitions in TCD c.1608 approx. 80 pages MS notes

Servitors in Orior plantation: IGI searches and notes and 30 pp of notes; surnames include Bourchier, Cook, Sanford and Williams

(green folder) ‘Armagh’

Evidence of the See of Armagh c.1613 approx. 40 pp MS notes; documents in Armagh public library

Notes of Lifford taken mainly from the Earl of Ernes collection PRONI D|1939 1939

Rev. William Edward’s list of Clonleigh rectors reprinted from Clonleigh parish magazine (1884); Clonleigh Church of Ireland parish church was renovated and reopened 1864