B 174665

Folders containing material for counties in England mainly from publications of local history societies with some copies of local wills

Half of the box is taken up with material for Devonshire

This material is held in two blue folders and two envelopes

One of these envelopes contains copies of wills from the West Country Studies Library Exeter. The surnames are Bassett, Chichester (2), Dillon, Gale [   ] Isack (2)

Green folder ‘Devon and Cornwall’

Including a list of testators from a published calendar of wills and administrations for the above counties proved at Exeter 1532–1800 published by the British Record Society in 1914

Other counties for which there are folders containing similar material are Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Cheshire, Chester City Record Office, Derbyshire Co. Record Office, Dorset and Essex