B 174662

[green folder] ‘Plantation Trade’ 1612–1615

Typescript article on the Irish export trade 1616–17

Also correspondence with Donal Woodward of Hull c.1970 7 pages

[green folder] ‘Ulster Economy’

[another green folder] ‘Ulster Plantation Royal Society’

Typescript of article by David Dickson ‘Irish plough in history’

Copy of article by Brendan O’Buachalla, ‘poetry in early modern Ireland 1622’

Survey of the plantation

Xerox copy of Victor Treadwell’s article on the plantation in Co. Donegal possibly in Donegal Annual

The full text of Treadwell’s edition of the Irish Commission of Inquiry into Plantations 1622 has now been published by the Irish Manuscripts Commission covering plantations not merely in Ulster but elsewhere in Ireland

Xerox copy of State Papers Ireland 63|238 pp 139–144

Xerox copies of sections of Lives and letters of the Devereux, Earls of Essex c.1554–1646