B 174637

Working papers for article on Sir William Cole for publication in the Fermanagh volume of Geography Publications and also for the DNB essay:

‘Sir William Cole the town of Enniskillen and Plantation, Co. Fermanagh; drafts, writing notes and final typescript’

The final typescript is 53 pp plus notes; the essay includes 89 footnotes and is endorsed ‘final version’

The rest of the bulky file comprises preliminary stages of research

(red folder) ‘Sir William Cole primary sources including: patents 1629 to 1638

National Archives Dublin, John Ogle deed and Enniskillen deeds

Carew and Bodley surveys

Lindsay v Cole and Lindsay notes; will and transcript and lists of names

Translation of Cole Patent 1638 (PRONI D 1702|1|1|5)

(red folder) ‘Sir William Cole: maps and plans’ [c.1600–c.1936 incl. 2 pp handwritten notes]

(pink folder) ‘Sir William Cole estate tenantry; IGI searches for servitors on Cole estate including Armstrong Elliott, John Steele etc’.

(pink folder) ‘Sir William Cole: Johnston IGI searches’

At least a dozen xerox prints of original wills including Constance Brinsley, widow of Quarndon Co. Leicester 1633, Sir William Cole 8/10/1653, John de Vere Earl of ‘Oxinford’; Henry VIII

Sir John Evelyn of Gostone, Co. Surrey, 1671

William Fisher of Ibbeslye, Co. Southhampton gent 1623

Adrian Moore esquire London 1618

William Mostyn, Moystyn, Co. Flint [Wales] 1[6]65

John Newcomen, Middle Saltfleetbie 1621

Thomas Plumsted gent of Edmundton, Co. Middlesex 1620

Henry Turvine yeoman of St Giles in the Fields [London] 1613

Henry Turvin gent of Bassingbourne, Cambridgeshire 1618

Lord Willoughby of Spilsby, Lincolnshire (or Sir Peregrine Berbye) 6/8/1599

Photocopy of a deed with a typed transcript dated 9/11/1611 from Sir Randal McDonnell said to be held in the office of Hamilton and Gailey Solicitors Ballycastle [the main office of that firm is in Ballymoney and it seems unlikely that such a document would be held in a suboffice if there was one in Ballycastle]. The person who provided this copy was Danny McGill, Ballycastle Tel. No. 20762973

Some loose papers including a xerox copy of an inquisition of 1605 (in Latin)