B 174635

Two files concerning the preparation of the education facsimile PRONI publication Plantation Ulster (1975)

Series of articles on the Plantation of Ulster published in Rev. Coffey’s Australian magazine The Ulster Link

Article on Catholicism in Co. Meath published in Collectanea Hibernica 1971–2

Envelope containing a description of the Munster Plantation 1598

Typed article … ‘description of the Munster plantation enterprise 1598’ … typed copies of 6 pages plus MS … this was possibly published in the Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society No. 75 (1970) pp 158–160 … This would be an edition of a manuscript in PROI which R.J.H. was directed to by Kenneth Nicholls …

PRONI ref CP|B267

Guide to Trinity College Dublin MSS duplicated typescript issued in January 1964 10 pp

Copy of Ulster Plantation map R.J.H. and T.W. Moody published in the New History of Ireland … possibly prepared c.1971

Typescript of articles published in Geography Publications essay volumes for Cos Armagh, Donegal and Tyrone