B 174630

Xerox copies of articles off prints including 8 from John Andrews published 1962–1980. Titles include:

‘Ireland In Maps: A Bibliographical Postscript’ Irish Geography 1962

‘The French School Of Dublin Land Surveyors’ Irish Geography 1967

‘Geography and Government in Elizabethan Ireland’ (Irish Geographical Studies Belfast 1970)

‘Maps Of The Escheated Counties Of Ulster 1609–10’ (R.I.A. 1974)

‘Science And Cartography And The Ireland Of William And Samuel Molyneux’ (R.I.A. 1980)

‘A Cork Cartographer’s Advertising Campaign’ (Cork Hist. and Arch. Soc. 1979)

‘Medium And Message In Early 6 Inch Irish Ordnance Survey Maps’: the case of Dublin city (Irish Geography 1973)

The oldest map of Dublin (R.I.A. 1983)

Xerox copy of article on the policy of surrender and regrant pp 195–249 ‘Gleanings From Irish History’ (poss. O’Ceallaigh |O’Kelly)

File containing a xerox copy of Canon J.B. Leslie’s Raphoe Clergy And Parishes published Enniskillen 1940

T.C. Barnard’s ‘Sir William Petty, Irish Land Owner’ (pp 200–217)

John Ainsworth’s abstracts of Chancery suits relating to Ireland c.1494–1693 … most bills, answers, and depositions in the Court of Chancery destroyed in 1922

Cases involving real or personal property in both England and Ireland were heard in the English Court of Chancery … there are at least 100 suits relating to Irish property 1613–1714 … article provides sample abstracts in the ‘Antiquaries Journal’ 1939 (pp 6)

Xerox copy of David B. Quinn’s article ‘The Munster Plantation: Problems And Opportunities’ published in the Cork Historical And Archaeological Journal in 1966

Xerox copy of Peter Lombard’s ‘de-Hibernia Insula Commentarius 1600’ with translated extracts by M.J. Byrne entitled ‘The Irish War Of Defense’ published 1930

Envelope includes:

Xerox copy of E.R. McC. Dix’s article ‘Printing In Dublin Prior To 1601’

Xerox copy of an article ‘The Christian Brothers And The National Education Board: Textbooks’

T. Mac Callum Walker’s [librarian at MUC at the time in the 1950’s] essay on Magee University College published in An Leabharlann Vol. 12 no. 3 (September 1954), pp 89–95

Copies of ‘Retrospect’ the journal of the Irish History Students Association: 1974 and 1995; History of St John’s Church Ballymore 1752–2002 ‘Built Upon A Hill’ (A4 24 pp); the location is the parish of ‘Clondehorkey’, Co. Donegal

Rev. Brendan Bradshaw SM: George Browne 1st Reformation Archbishop of Dublin 1536–1554 (Journal Ecclesiastical History Vol. XXI no. 4 October 1970)

Rev. Brendan Bradshaw: ‘Sword Word and Strategy in the Reformation in Ireland’ (Historical Journal 21, 3) (1978), pp 475–502

Steven Ellis: ‘Thomas Cromwell in Ireland 1532– 1540’ (Historical Journal 23, 2) (1980)

Prof Brian Manning: ‘The English Revolution and Ireland 1640–1660’ (poss. published c.1981)

T.J. Dunn UCC: ‘The Gaelic Response to Conquest and Colonisation; the evidence of poetry’

C.H. Empey: ‘The Anglo-Norman Community in Tipperary and Kilkenny in Middle Ages’

change and continuity Bicentenary Supplement Derry Journal 1992

Gortnessy Presbyterian Church (Clondermot), 35 pp