B 174627

(green folder) Photocopies of articles and publications including Bishop Mulligan’s edition of Dolan’s early history of Fermanagh published in the first four issues of the Clogher Record 1953–1962

Xerox copy of a published genealogy of the family of Cole (55 pp)

(bulky blue file) Copies of articles published by Hiram Morgan including a typescript (1990) entitled ‘Hugh O’Neill And The Problems Of Political Modernization In 16th Century Ireland’ (27 pp). These provide the text of 4 documents from Hugh O’Neill and 2 government replies 1598–9 published in the journal of the O’Neill Country Historical Society 1994.

‘Envelope endorsed 1599 document’

‘Faith And Fatherland Or Queen And Country’: an unpublished exchange between O’Neill and the State at the height of nine years war published in the journal of O’Neill Country Historical Society (1994) 65 pp  This is TCD MS 578 no. 12 f. 31

Offprint from an article in the Irish Jurist 1987 ‘Extradition And Treason: Trial Of A Gaelic Lord, The Case Of Brian O’Rourke’

Hiram Morgan: article ‘Mid-Atlantic Blues’ considers the views of Prof David Quinn and Nicholas Canny on the Ireland America connection in the 17th century

Hiram Morgan: feature article in the Linenhall Review winter 1991 ‘Milesians, Ulstermen And Fenians’

‘An Unwelcome Heritage: Ireland’s Role In British Empire Building’ in History Of European Ideas vol. 19 nos 4–6 (1994)

‘British Policies Before The British State’: typescript 40 pp

Envelope ‘Ulster In Transformation’: H. Morgan’s ‘Perrot’s Ulster policy’ typescript pp 37–75

Envelope ‘H. Morgan Chapter 1 Ulster 1542–1583’: government policies and Gaelic policies typescript pp 1–36

The re-alignment of Tirconnell p 17 [no indication of place of publication]

Morgan’s review of Raymond Gillespie’s ‘Colonial Ulster’ and MacCarthy-Morrogh ‘The Munster Plantation 1583–1641’ published in the Journal of Ecclesiastical History.  This is almost exclusively a treatment of the second book

Xerox copies of the autobiography of Mr Robert Blair, Minister, St Andrews … the history of his life by his son-in-law William Row published Edinburgh 1848

Typescript publication of the ‘Diary of a Covenanting Minister Rev John Livingston (1603–1672)’

Four typescript essays by Bob Hunter’s colleague T.K. Daniel with no indication that these were ever published.  Titles were:

‘The Struggle For The Irish Bishoprics 1536–1553’

‘The Bonamargy Mission’ (15 pp)

Reprint of the ‘Position Of Catholicism In Scotland c.1600–c.1670’

‘The Scots Army In Ulster 1642–3’ (20 pp)

‘The Sword of Alisdair McDonald, the Irish Contribution to Montrose’s campaign of 1644–5

(pink folder) includes History Board of UU 1992–3 “key document” – transfer