B 174614

Brown folder containing approx. 20 pp handwritten drafts for thesis on Plantation in Counties Armagh and Cavan (c.1961)

[pink folder] Babington

Including a list of wills Prerogative Court Canterbury 1383–1700 with photocopies of wills including:

Urye Babington, draper, City of London, 1606

Richard Babington, 1586

Hugh Babbington, ironmonger, London, 1592

Sir William Babington, Kiddington, Oxfordshire, 1578

Gray Folder

Dungiven Priory and Bawn, Co. Londonderry with copies of Pynnar Survey and Raven Maps

Copy of article on the estates of the Skinner’s Company pp 285–299 – no information on publication

[red folder] Approx. 12 pp handwritten pencilled notes from State Papers France (SP 78 National Archives London) approx. 10 pp 1609–1610

SP 84 approx. 20 pp 1599–1609

[purple folder] Book of Common Prayer in Irish 1609: surviving copies and provenance

[grey folder] Editions of the Book of Common Prayer in Irish with some notes in English

Xerox of list of Knight Bachelors pp 119–173 with copious annotations (title and place of publication not specified)

Brochure on Magee University College Londonderry 1865–1965, 3 pp (photocopies of 2 PCC wills):

Nicholas Isacke of London probated 7/8/1616

Joseph Peasley gent Dublin city 24/9/1642

Also some loose correspondence and working notes