B 174613

Derry and Raphoe Diocesan Library: conservation project; R.J.H. made significant donation

Ultimately the Derry and Raphoe Library conservation project got an offer of £500,000 in support from the Heritage Lottery Fund in March 2007

Includes xerox copy of a bibliographical and biographical essay on Dr George ‘Downham’ Bishop of Derry: by John Ingle Dredge and published in1881 (from a bound volume of ‘tracts’ in TCD (13 pp)

1 page MS note by R.J.H.: ‘his [Downham’s] library survived because Derry was not sacked in 1641’

Envelope: handwritten notes by someone preparing a summary catalogue of the Downham Library apparently

Student dissertations: topics include:

Religious dimensions of the nine year war in Ireland [1594–1603] by Karen McPeake 1997

Origin and nature of Scottish non-conformism in the diocese of Down and Connor before 1641 by Geoffrey D. Allen 1995

The conclusion of the nine year war from the Battle of Kinsale to the treaty of Melifont 1601–1603 by Fergal Mullan 1997

Brendan Mulligan: ‘The Last O’Cahan’(1997)

The contribution by the Huguenots to the linen industry in Lisburn by Sarah Hunter 1997

The plantation of Ulster in the barony of Lurg, Co. Fermanagh, 1610–c.1630 by Janet Abraham 1986

The plantation of Ulster with special reference to the precinct of Lifford, Co. Donegal by Josephine O’Riordan 1972

Derry’s building constructors: development housing and strike action in the 19th century by Norma G. Mayse