B 174604

R.J.H.’s transcript part of the Port Book for Londonderry 1613–1615

Michaelmas 1614–Michaelmas 1615 kept by Thomas Dolman for the farmers (TN|P07|1|4D) (46 pp)

This may only be part of the transcript since it covers items number nos 182–385

Scribbling pad with notes entitled London Trade With Derry

Bristol and the Gaelic North West (4 pp): 2 versions

Walsingham in Loughfoyle 1614

Xerox copy and article in the Scandinavian Economic History Review, 1968 (pp 125–136) entitled ‘The Reliability of the English Port Books’ by Sven-Erik Astrom

R.J.H. handwritten drafts of essays. Titles includes:

The Plantation Plan

Aristocratic delegation and its critics

Envelope with the caption ‘Ulster Ten: the Nine Years War’

The Ulster Lords, Spain and Religion with annotation ‘no photocopying; only to be issued to 3rd year students’

Derry|Londonderry: how I have treated a most trivial matter

Extracts from published sources such as David Laing, Letters and journals of Robert Baillie AM Principal of the University of Glasgow 1637–1662 (Edinburgh 1841) (pp 317, 366 etc)

Typescript (14 pp) entitled ‘The Ulster Plantation’ written by R.J. Hunter and Raymond Gillespie

Xerox copy of The Irish War of Defence 1598–1600

Extracts with translation from the commentary of Peter Lombard, Archbishop of Armagh (RC) by Mathew J. Burn published Cork University Press 1930 (92 pp)

Xerox copy of a short family and personal history by Robert Wilson Hamilton (1851–1935 (pp 104) printed for private circulation)

Correspondence about the demolition of the former Tillie and Henderson shirt factory Londonderry 2002

Xerox copy of an article entitled ‘Reconsidering the Early Modern Urban Economy’

[blue folder] Carrigans

Includes xerox copies of agent’s correspondence concerning the McClintock property, Dunmore House, Carrigans, Co. Donegal c.1910–1922

Topics include sales under land purchase act of 1903; occupation of the house by the IRA in 1922

Envelope containing IGI searches concerning Heygate estate at Bellarena, Co. Londonderry, Co. L’derry

Typed history of the property and contents (10 pp) c.1991

Catalogue of antiques and library at Glenmachan House, Old Holywood Road, Belmont, Belfast, for sale 29/8/1978 363 items with some annotations by R.J.H.

Brochure for funeral service for Rev. John Brown of Croaghmore Presbyterian Church November 1999

Papers concerning rededication of St Aidan’s Church, Magilligan 1989 (3 pp)

City of Londonderry Unionist Associations list of subscriptions for 1924

Envelope containing ‘City Council election leaflets May 1993; Northland electoral area’

Xerox copies of pages from the visitation of Co. Devon for Cole family

Typescript ‘The War in the North West 1641–49’ by Padraig Lenihan, University of Limerick (7 pp)

Envelope containing photocopies of State Paper Office, 620|20|33, from Dr C.J. Woods, Royal Irish Academy, marking troublesome words that they had been unable to read

Ireland and the Printed Word: a short descriptive catalogue of early books, pamphlets … relating to Ireland printed 1475–1700 by Tony Sweeney published by Edmond Burke 1997 (approx. 15 pp)

Typescript (15 pp) taken from dissertation by Catriona O’Donnell for Keith Lindley c.1997–8 listing 62 pamphlets from the Thomason Tracts for the period October 1640 – February 1641