B 174590

Half of contents are loose papers and photocopies of documents including the Down Survey maps 1650’s for parts of Co. Donegal

[2 Red folders] ‘Thomason Tracts’

Xerox copies of approx. a dozen pamphlets arising from the Rebellion of 1641 published in the 1640s including ‘a wild fire plot found out in Ireland showing how the rebels would have consumed the city of Dublin with wild fire’ (London 1641). The originals are probably in the British Library

Includes an edition of one of these pamphlets by Rev. David Stewart entitled ‘The Scots in Ulster: News From Londonderry February 1642 and the taking of Mountjoy June 1642’ published by the Presbyterian Historical Society Belfast 1957

Envelope entitled ‘Ulster-Scots settlers and the New England Migration: an abortive reconnaissance in 1630’s’. This provides an account of the failure of the voyage of the Eagle Wing. Includes typescript of essay by Professor David B. Quinn, University of Liverpool entitled ‘Law and Religion in Ireland and North America 1600–1640’ (June 1973) 17 pp with 21 footnotes

In the same envelope there is a xerox copy of an article published in the English Historical Review June 1998 entitled ‘Seasonable Treatises: A Godly Project of the 1630s’

Envelope containing approx. 40 pp of handwritten notes from Mary O’Dowd, History Department, QUB, with extracts from State Papers Ireland SP 63, vols 33, 34 and 35 c.1571–1574

R.J.H.’s handwritten memo entitled ‘James II|William III: Ireland, The War of the Two Kings’ 3 pp; short notes covering events in Ireland c.1685–1691

Copies of Portraits of 14 leading characters; at the front there is a photocopy of a map of ‘The Ulster Plantation 1609–1613’ by T.W. Moody and R.J. Hunter

Xerox copy of an article in the Cork Historical & Archaeological Society Journal entitled ‘Antiquarian Remains in Kinsale District’

Envelope with papers concerning the Irish Historic Towns atlas series of publications

[Red folder] with xerox copies of MS in the Rawlinson collection, Bodleian Library Oxford including of letter from Bishop Bedell, Kilmore, Co. Cavan, to Lord Viscount Wentworth, Lord Deputy of Ireland 1633

Another letter of 1637 [MS Rawlinson D 376]

Xerox copies of original documents including 3 pages of a document concerning plantation in Ireland taken from State Papers Ireland (SP 63|227)

Xerox copies of extracts from the Patent Rolls of Ireland c.1653–1655 entitled ‘The Rolls of Oliver Cromwell’

Photocopies in sections of the Down Survey of the parish of Donaghmore and Stranorlar, Co. Donegal, by Thomas West; copies by Daniel O’Brien

Approx. 10 pp of xerox copies of sections of a map probably of Londonderry city showing Meeting House Lane and Ferryquay Street

Xerox copies of some 8 pp of the volume of State Papers Ireland of Henry VIII published in the 1830’s with location and names of occupiers of tenements (annotated)

Typed transcript of letter from Cornelius Wall about the Glebe of Macosquin 1663; original MS ‘Derry P. O’Kane Buncrana’ is in the National Archives Dublin

The transcriber A.F. Alexander was almost certainly the person responsible for transcribing Church of Ireland registers for parish of Templemore c.1706–. This transcript was done in the 1930s and registers have recently been published by the Library of the Representative Church Body with another editor named Thomas.

4 page brochure on Strand (2nd Derry) and Buncrana Presbyterian Churches entitled ‘A Synopsis History and Outreach of the Congregation since 1780’

Letter from Prof. Ernan McMullan Emeritus Professor of Philosophy University of Notre Dame Indiana 1998 to Graham Kirkham arising from his essay in volume on Co. Donegal (Geography Publications). His McMullin ancestors were tenants on the Murray-Stewart estate