B 174576

Approx. 20 envelopes containing coloured photographs of archaeological excavations etc. mostly without captions

Envelope containing photographs with Laura July 1995 including:

Leck Old Church near Letterkenny
Milbrook House and grounds near [Newtown]stewart

Envelope containing photograph of monument on wall in Coagh by David Matthews 1996

Envelope dated 27/04/1996 with photographs of ‘Derry’ and Ballykelly including Hunter stone. Endorsed ‘negatives in Historical Album no. 5’

Photographs December 2002–January 2003 Ballyshannon (on way to Sligo)

Discs in plastic containers dated 2007 ‘Photographs Derry|Londonderry Artefacts [by] R.J. Burnside’: one includes picture of Bob’s mother’s painting.

(yellow container) 30 photographs